Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Let's get Ripped and Thai One on Ole Chap


HAPPY NEW YEAR to all! It's January and time to hit the road. First stop was a quick flight into Baltimore, MD followed by a short car ride into Bowie, MD. where I hooked up with customers Barb, Keith and Charlie for a nice dinner and get ready for the week we will spend together. Prior to the visit, I entrusted Charlie to come up with the perfect dinner spot, only trouble was, the choices in his mind were limited, and he thought he could pull a fast one by recommending a chain restaurant for us to go to. Luckily Barb acted swiftly and informed Charlie that chain restaurants don't work for Triple M and he best find an alternative. Barb, being Barb decided to take on the task herself and suggested to Charlie that we go to Rips Country Inn.

Rip's is known for their Family Restaurant, expansive Fine Wine and Spirit Shoppe, Delicatessen and Lodging. All located conveniently between Washington, Baltimore and Annapolis.The facility was fashioned after the horse country that once surrounded it. Bowie, in it's heyday, was home to the racetrack. Stepping inside the restaurant is like stepping back in time.

Not haven eaten much all day I was extremely hungry and couldn't wait to order. After looking over the menu, discussing all the options with Creig and David (also working with them this week) I settled on Chicken Chesapeake; which featured two sauteed chicken breast, topped with crab meat, imperial sauce and then baked golden brown. While waiting for the meal, we feasted on rolls and muffins, then a salad. Times a wasting, my hunger growing and that is when the main course came out. A funny thing happened as I took my first bite, according to Keith (bright eyes) who is now laughing out loud uncontrollably said my eyes rolled clear into my head as if I was in a trance or possessed! Imagine that, having that kind of reaction to food! Suffice to say, the meal didn't last that long as I wolfed down every last bit of it. Delish!!!!!


After a long day visiting stores and going from point A to B to C and so on, I was ready for lunch. In my mind, if I'm close to the Baltimore area, I'm taking a detour to head to Chaps Pit Beef

Chaps Pit Beef was established in 1987 . Chaps was a 12 X 15 shack with no electric, and or phone. They simply had beef, ham, and sausage served with joy and the hope of seeing delight, and enjoyment from the faces of their customers. In the beginning chaps struggled, but soon had electric, and a phone. Over the years chaps has grown, as well as their menu serving Hot Dogs, Mexican Ham, Fish platters, and much much more.

In this case, my detour took over an hour out of my way, but it was well worth it. This was my second trip to Chaps and on this occasion, I was ready for one of their subs. After contemplating exactly which sub to go with, I settled on Guy's Triple D. A beautiful full length roll stuffed with beef, corned beef and Italian sausage! Add to that, some horse radish sauce and a side of mac salad, heaven was awaiting for me. I chowed down in no time and was now starting to think (hold tight) I'm finished eating for the day!!! Who was I kidding????


With my belly full, I'm ready to hook up with Barb and Charlie at a store in Falls Church, VA (another hour plus trip)! We got to the store did our walking and talking and now it was 5:30 and time for dinner. Barb was in the mood for some spicy food and recommended we go Thai!!! Thai? the Moan Man doesn't do Thai. No, never, not going to happen! Unfortunately, for those of you that haven't met Barb, she usually gets what she wants and in this case it was no different! So off to Lemon Grass Restaurant. Being a virgin to the Thai cuisine, and hearing how it can be spicy at times, I figured I better go light. So I planned out my strategy to go with soup and some sort of seafood concoction. When I got to the restaurant, it appeared just like any oriental locale. I sat down opened my menu and looked for those items that would match my planned strategy. Success!!!, there it was Thai lemon grass soup (shrimp, chicken or seafood with hot & sour lime juice, mushrooms, lemon grass flavor) and the sauteed seafood combination (with spicy sauce, shrimp, scallop, squid and basil leaves). Can't go wrong there, or can I? I guess I missed the asterisks after each of my choices that designates that the selections are hot and spicy. The soup came out and I prepared myself for a nice light flavorful broth. I plunged right into it and took a big ole spoonful, it didn't take long for the spices to literally take my breath away from me. I sprang for my ice water and downed it in seconds flat! I'm was in trouble and not only did I know it, so did Barb, Charlie and Brad. The funny thing was, the soup was delicious and I couldn't stop myself from finishing every last drop of it.Yes, it paralyzed me, but such is life. Once the soup was gone they brought out the main dish. This too I found to be very tasty and very spicy. In fact, when I left the restaurant, I wasn't sure I would be able to taste anything for days. I must say however, as I sit here writing this article, the only thing I can think of is going to have some Thai food!!!

It's off to Virginia Beach, VA next week and already my mind is wondering what culinary delights are awaiting me. Visit back next week to see which foods and where made me moan.

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