Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Beantown Bliss

Well here I sit in my hotel room after yet another day on the road. I have been waiting and waiting until the inspiration has hit me again to pick up where I left off in January. You see, I have been bombarded over the past 8 months from my faithful readers (and I guess there are more of them then I realized) as to when I will ever write again about my many moans caused by those special meals that get me going. Well, the time has FINALLY come!!! Before I start back, I must put in a plug for my lovely Sweet-pea who has followed in her fathers footsteps and started writing about her passion.....FOOD!!! Imagine that, another Lembo enchanted by food! Do yourself a favor and go to her blog and see what her and her roommates are up to in the culinary world. www.fortheloveoffoodandmyfather.blogspot.com is where you can find it. I promise, what you read will bring you all back to what family and friends are all about. I love you Sweet-pea!!

So I landed in Boston Monday morning (8:00 AM) and I knew that I would be in an area that would offer up some great places to dine. The problem was, I was hungry right then and there so I figured why wait for lunch and directed Kevin to take me to Mike's City Diner for breakfast. I had read up on this place and was told that the corned-beef hash was the way to go. So not being the one to second guess anyone, CBH it was. Out it came with two beautiful poached eggs on top winking away at me. A side of home fries, whole wheat toast and it was let the party begin!! I guess I don't need to tell you what I experienced was nothing short of spectacular. After the first bite that familiar growl started working it's way up from my toes and by the time I realized what was happening.............you guessed it, it was moansville all over again. Could it be that Triple M was back?

As I worked through the day with Kevin, much of the time was spent on the road traveling from one store to another. During that "down" time it gave us plenty of time to review what might be on the docket for dinner. Much discussion went into this and it was decided that a trip to Cambridge was in order. Why Cambridge you may ask? How about a visit to Harvard or something like that? Nah, for us, it was to visit Mr. Bartley's Gourmet Burgers. A Harvard landmark since 1960 that dishes up 7 ounces of pure heaven in about 29 different ways .

Some of the choices we had to choose from ranged from

(rise to the occasion!) with blue cheese dressing, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and french fries.

(lying in wait) pizza burger with marinara sauce, mozzarella cheese, & french fries


Now it’s your fault) with Swiss cheese, grilled sauerkraut, Russian dressing, & french fries

(lady gag me) with provolone cheese, grilled peppers, and sweet potato fries

plus many more. I chose the Jersey Shore, which came with bacon, cheese, grilled mushrooms and onions. Add to that a side of onion rings and I was ready for the second round of moans to begin. You will all be happy to know, the moans came in waves. Poor Kevin, I'm not sure he was expecting the outcry that came from me! I am sure you know that in the tiny crowded joint, the moans quieted down the crowd as they looked around to see what sick animal got into the place. Yes a hamburger can be that good!!!

Well now Tuesday is upon us and its time to think of another location to wet the ole appetite. You see, all along I have planned to go to the north end for some down home cooked Italian food and I'm sure tonight is the night!! Except at the last minute, I call an audible (must be football season) and tell Kevin that we are heading to Chinatown. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT? You got to be kidding me about this one. Go back into hibernation Triple M! Well hold on and take a look at these beauties that I ordered from the Peach Farm Restaurant and then tell me I was off my rocker;

What you are looking at is Won Ton soup and my main course, of 4 Gems in a Nest! The gems being, pork, scallops, shrimp and chicken. One taste of the soup and the 4 gems and I was talking (in this case, writing) Chinese!! 這頓飯讓我非常呻吟是如此。Simply translated... This meal made me moan so very much.


On to the North end for some Italian food tomorrow night. Stay tuned!

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