Sunday, October 11, 2009

In the Beginning

Well this has been a long time coming I guess. After much encouragement from family, friends, co-workers and clients of mine, I have decided to take the leap and join the blogging era. My blog will tell you of the restaurants (specifically the food) that I have visited that have had a special impact on me. For those of you that know me and have experienced my dining habits, you know I tend to moan when eating great tasting food (hence the name of my blog). My blog is in no way a testimonial of a restaurants food, service or anything else. Simply put, it's food that I ate that made me moan! Based on the fact that my job has me on the road a great deal, I get to visit many restaurants throughout the United States. It is with these visits, that I will share with you in pictures and verse the food that made me moan. I will lay out for you monthly what states I will be visiting, so if anyone has any suggestions for a restaurant that serves good food, you can let me know. For the remaining month of October, I will be visiting, Chicago IL, Denver CO, St. Paul MN and Anchorage, Alaska. Check back often, as I'm sure you will get a laugh or two with what you see and read. I look forward to many great tasting meals on my trip across the states and many moans to go along with it.

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