Monday, October 12, 2009

The Hog, The Coach and a Butter Burger

Last week I spent some time in the windy city of Chicago. During my trip there, I had the pleasure to have three memorable meals that "made me moan". My first meal was a late lunch at Hog Wild, a quaint little place that made a pork chop sandwich you could really sink your teeth in. To say this was a lite lunch would be a total fabrication. The chop was so tender that I had no problem cutting it with the plastic knife that I was given to use at my discretion. I chose not to eat it as a sandwich based on the thickness of the chop and the bone that it came with! Because I like to eat many of my meals "wet" they also gave me a side of their homemade au jus to drown my sandwich in. WOW, what a start to my week!

It took me a couple days to recover from the "lite" lunch at Hog Wild, when I let my counterpart from the west talk me into going to Mike Ditka's for a small bit of beef. Having heard many good things about the coach's place, I decided that it was a must stop for us. After mulling over my choices, I went with a wedge salad (one of my all time favs) and the 16 ounce Prime Rib, cooked medium rare. After consuming what I would say was one of the best wedge salad I ever ate (outside of my wife's that is), out came the main course. As I cut into this most tender piece of meat, I knew my taste buds were in for a flavor explosion, and sweet Jesus, I wasn't disappointed! The "moans" came out of me after the first bite and continued right on through to the very last morsel. I have taken in some mighty good rib in my days, but the Coach won the super bowl with this offering!

My week ended with a simple offering of a Butter Burger from Culvers. How did I come about Culvers you may wonder. Here is what happened, I was dining on a slice of pizza with some customers and co-workers, when I was told I must try the BB at Culvers. It didn't take much cajoling for me to agree to meet my customer and her hubby for what I was told would be a great tasting burger. I chose the Culver Deluxe and a side of cheese curds. Mmm, mmm, mmm, it was a moan at first bite. Even when I wasn't thinking about it, the moans just came out. You know you had a special burger to make that happen! I was so impressed with the meal, I agreed to try the Turtle sundae which is made with two scoops of vanilla frozen custard, hot fudge, hot caramel, Spanish peanuts and topped with a cherry. What a great finish to my meal and my week in Chicago.
Well, that was the "food that made me moan" in Chicago. I look forward to my return trip to see what else Chicago has to offer. I'll let you know next week.


  1. Nice job saving yourself by complimenting my wedge.

  2. i was a little bit nervous when i started to read that that was the best wedge you had ever had....but i was VERY glad to see that you did indeed save yourself. AC's is the most moan worthy.

    well done on the blog. it made me laugh multiple times.