Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I told you all from my last writing, that I had a special treat regarding my experience at a very unusual place to dine while I was in Phoenix. You see, I had only one night in Phoenix before I had to fly off to Alaska and I wanted to make this meal to be a memorable one. To that end, I decided that it was time that I consulted Triple D to see what hot spot was in the area that made its mark on the show. So after consulting their trusted web site, I found the location I just had to visit. So do you want to know where I ended up? Do you want to know how I came up with the title of this blog? Do ya???? Fellow moaners get ready, Fellow moaners get set, Fellow moaners lets goooooooooooooooo to Shell Gas Station and Convenience Store. That's right, the Shell station on the Southeast corner of Union Hills in Phoenix, Arizona and when you get there you will find Roberto's Authentic Mexican Food. So now you see how you can fill up your gas tank and your belly all in one stop! "Now wait just one minute!" "You are telling us, you ate food from a convenience store and are willing to write about it?" I say YES and I say if you ever, ever, ever get to Phoenix you must go there as well.

"OK, Man that loves to Moan, what so great about Roberto's"? Well, how about the freshest ingredients around? How about the most flavorful warmed flour tortillas I have ever tasted? How about the nicest gal that ever waited on me?

This is my new friend Monique!

Anyhow, as I was saying, how about the fact that the people at Roberto's really seem to care about putting out the most fresh, authentic Mexican food possible? How about, how about, I could go on forever. But lets get right down to the meal. If a pic is worth a thousand words, start talking.

What you are seeing is the meal that Bob and I co-consumed. To tell you the truth, we had such a hard time deciding what to order, we decided to order many items and split everything. What a great plan that was! So, what is it you are looking at that we ingested? Well, let me go down the list in the order we ate:

1. Nacho Grande -Top right

2. Chile Rellano's - Bottom left

3. Torta Carne Asada - Top Left

4. El Pastor Plate - Bottom right

5. Flour Tortilla Shells (foiled wrapped)

Just take a good look at the food, because I am telling you all, not only did the moans start coming out at first bite, but they just kept coming after every bite and didn't end until there was nothing left. I kid you not, I am now sold again on authentic Mexican chow. I have to say however, Roberto's has raised the bar so high, that I doubt any place else can match the quality.
So, prior to getting to Roberto's, we passed a Coldstone Ice Cream parlor and decided we would stop there after our meal. Unfortunately, by the time we got done sopping up every last bit of flavor with our tortilla shells, we had no more room for ice cream. But, I still had a hankering for something sweet to finish off that great meal. What was I to do? That's when my good friend Bob, said he would treat me (actually Monique treated us) to an authentic Mexican beverage: A Horchata!!! A what, I said? Well, well, well, for those of you that have consumed a Horchata, know the taste treat I was in for. Let me just say, I didn't think my taste buds could have anything else go over them that could finish off the night, but I was dead WRONG! Horchata is a refreshing cold drink usually consisting of rice, almonds, cinnamon (canella), lime zest and sugar. This drink is rumored to be a cure for a hangover (if this is true, pass me the bourbon). Even though the drink has a milky appearance it is completely dairy free. Now, I can't tell you how Roberto's concocts theirs, but, I swear to God, this was the icing on the cake. It reminded me of drinking the finest rice pudding available. The flavor of this drink just explodes in your mouth after each sip. I must say, after finishing off my glass of this wonderful mixture, I was spent! There is no other way to say it. This was one of the most memorable meals I have had since starting this blog. I was actually hoarse from all the moaning!!!
So that's it my culinary counterparts. Next stop,Alaska for a what I hope will bring much more to write about. Stay tuned and I will continue to share with you all those Meals that made me Moan.

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  1. Love your blog Marty! Listen, if you ever come across a chocolate chip filled cheese cannoli that makes you moan, please tell me where you found it...even if it's at a convenience store. I am on a quest for the perfect cannoli and I won't stop until I find it!